CEI-Bois partners up with Cobuilder to develop a data-driven BIM platform

The European Confederation of Woodworking Industries, CEI-Bois, entered recently into a strategic partnership with the Cobuilder. The new pilot project aims to help manufacturers digitise and make their data available in a machine-readable and standardised format.

Meet our problem solvers

In February Cobuilder’s Support Team concluded their annual customer satisfaction survey. We would like to thank all our customers who gave us their feedback, and we are happy to share the survey results.

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Data standardisation is the alpha and omega of free information flow

The Swedish industry organisation of timber manufacturers and wholesalers, Swedish wood, has reached an important milestone in their digital journey. ‘In the past few years, we have done a lot of talking about digitalisation. Now it is time for action’, says Christer Green, Product Information Specialist at Swedish Wood.

Digitising construction data: classification systems and data templates

In recent years, different organisations have developed data models that are gradually being adopted across the construction sector to facilitate data exchange and accelerate the digital transformation. In this article we will compare the two most prevalent approaches and consider the pros and cons of applying them on industry level. The first approach is the use of classification systems to digitise information about construction objects.  The second alternative is Data Templates proposed by the standardisation bodies ISO and CEN for use in Building Information Modelling.

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Managing data models: Excel and beyond

What is the most efficient way for managing properties and data templates? Let’s take a look and compare the two main options available – the good old Excel vs. tools specifically designed to facilitate the implementation of the above-mentioned standards, such as Cobuilder Define.

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