bSI Standards Summit 2017, BATIMAT & Digital&BIM Italia

After our review of the fruitful Digital Construction Week 2017 it is time to look back on three other important BIM events Cobuilder attended and to share our impression with you. This article also is a tribute to our CEO Lars Fredenlund who always says ‘I am on an airplane for over 100 days per year. This means that I am way from home on every third day of the week, this is the price of being part of the incredible change that is happening in the construction industry today.’ Thanks to this ‘Cobuilder passion’ we have gathered a wealth of knowledge from around the world, helping us in the uneasy task to support organisations in their change towards more sustainable digital practices. Without further ado, here are the three major events:

bSI Standards Summit 2017, London

The buildingSMART Standards Summit brings together world leaders to develop international digital standards and drive interoperability for Building Information Modelling.As members of the buildingSMART Data Dictionary Product Room , the Cobuilder experts attending were deeply involved in the latest iterations in the development of the bSDD. The world-famous data dictionary has reached the point in his life where quality management is key. The room discussions were mainly focused on establishing a working group to work on the quality management of bSDD; All members decided that these efforts have to be aligned with the standardization work done at CEN level. Focusing the work in bSDD more and more on different classification – the creation of a classification group was also initiated.

coBuilder’s CEO Lars delivered an incredible presentation focusing on the need of the alignment of initiatives such as SMART CE Marking, IFC and IFD. The CEO of Cobuilder France, Frederic Grand updated the bSI delegates on his work leading the CEN/TC442/WG4/TG1. Similarly, updates were exchange regarding the work done in the CEN/TC442/WG4/TG2 also lead by a coBuilder’s Espen Shultze.

BATIMAT 2017, Paris

What is better than a first person account? Here is a summary of the event by our CEO Lars Chr, Fredenlund:

‘Two days in Paris at #BATIMAT2017 , great to talk to Manufacturers and IT actors about our work on Product Data Templates. France is now starting to get into the BIM race, still behind UK but not for long. More and more understanding that data/information is what you need to standardize outside BIM software. French manufacturing industry will demonstrate why Manufacturers are key to solve the BIM puzzle. Also great to see @saintgobain support #IFC , means a great deal for buildingSMART International work on #openBIM.’

Digital&BIM Italia 2017, Bologna

Our partners Harpaceas presented the Cobuilder brand to the Italian market at the biggest digital construction industry fair Digital&BIM Italia in Bologna.