Cobuilder at the BIM events scene in April

Cobuilder was present at 3 European BIM events

As most of April is already gone, we can surely say that we at Cobuilder had an amazingly vibrant month, packed with events and great business opportunities. In these wrap up reports, we want to share with you our impressions and reviews on the top 3 events we attended this month, namely:

BIM Prospects (Part 1)

6th-7th April, 2016, Watford, UK

BIM World 2016 (Part 2)

6th-7th April, 2016, Paris, France

buildingSMART International Standards Summit (Part 3)

11th-14th April, 2016, Rotterdam, Netherlands

For the first part of our summary we are looking at the BIM Prospects event in Watford, UK

At the event taglined “How prepared is the UK construction for BIM Level 2 and beyond?” the lectures were thematically divided into 3 major sessions, where the topics were as follows:

  • How prepared is the industry?
  • Assessing the skill gap
  • Looking beyond BIM level 2

With the recent BIM level 2 mandate in the UK in mind, definitely the most attention grabbing and hot topics were related to the preparation of the industry and the anticipated next steps. A highly informative lecture was presented by Matt Watchorn from the Ministry of Justice, who shared some reflections on the MoJ’s Building Information Modelling story, focusing on the evolution of the EIR. Truly, through developing well-structured and defined information requirements, clients will soon be looking at great operation cost reductions and various efficiencies along the building or assets’ life cycle.

Peter Trebilcock from Balfour Beatty – one of the first contractors to be officially certified for BIM level 2 compliance by the BSI, shared the main pieces of information required from the supply chain that are essential to BIM compliance as well as the 10 point plan to a successful COBie drop. Our own Nick Tune’s presentation provoked strong interest among all participants as the focus on delivering as built data has certainly been in the spotlight in the BIM level 2 month – April.

Paul Oakley from the BRE, emphasized on 3D Objects and their inefficiency due to their present lack of consistency in terms of quality, different standards used and different naming and parameter naming conventions. The manufacturing community was represented by Paul Surin, Wienerberger, who underlined the need for accurate manufacturer’s data for achieving the promised benefits of BIM.

Another part of the lectures were presentations related to software solutions and new developed features (e.g. Solibri, Autodesk, Rendra, etc.).

There were speakers from the industry and some educational institutions who shared their views on how to prepare qualified BIM experts and the potential future risk of insufficient qualified personnel. Upskilling the industry was one of the major topics.

During the breaks between the presentations, there were excellent opportunities for networking, and some of the people that we managed to talk to included architects and engineers of multi-disciplinary design practices, software solutions vendors, BIM consultants, representatives of the governmental institutions, etc.

BIM World – Part 2

Much like in the UK the awareness of BIM as a more efficient information flow throughout the design and build process is well developed. Interestingly, the recently found trend towards private-sector driven BIM is also apparent in France. Currently, there is no legal enforcement of BIM in France, but the demand for BIM data is very high among specifiers and FMs.

Cobuilder was at the main european BIM events

Lars Fredenlund at BIM World – How is data structured in the industry today?

Speaking with the attendants of BIM World our overall impression is that the need for data and better processes is starting to get clear in France and industry players are more and more certain that the transition to smart ‘digital catalogues’ and delivering information in compatible formats is the future. At the conference titled “E-catalogues creation, products in BIM: dream or reality” Lars Fredenlund, the CEO of coBuilder, presented his view on the future of digital data as a main driver of change within the construction industry.

He explained that the reality is that we already have the information we need to work within the BIM process spread across the different actors, the only thing the industry is missing is the software tools for comprehensive data management and collaboration. Indeed, that is the gap the Cobuilder aims to fill.

A highlight of the event was the buildingSMART round table where delegates spoke about buildingSMART national strategies, with lecturers from Norway, Denmark, France, Germany and even Spain. The international standardisation body buildingSMART is very influential in France, where BIM processes standardisation is a priority. The French Chapter of buildingSMART is currently involved with the development of a BIM Execution Plan for the digitalisation of the French industry. At the local level the PPBIM initiative has developed a standard for dictionaries of construction products’ properties that has a lot in common with the international body’s open standard IFD. Cobuilder is currently working with PPBIM to integrate their input with the IFD standard’s implementation tool – the bSDD.

bSI International – Part 3

The buildingSMART Standards Summit is held in different countries twice a year and is one of the core meeting opportunities for all delegates involved with the standards programme.

The conference focused on the raising demand for open standards as solutions to real-life industry pains. Putting great emphasis on actual user needs and technical know-how the Chief executive of buildingSMART International Richard Petrie explained that the direction of the international body was “clearly set towards creating a bubbling mass of solutions – open standards, available readily and quickly to meet user needs”. At the event Cobuilder’s chief of R&D Espen Schulze presented the results of a project aiming to put IFC 4 into buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD).

Additionally, coBuilder’s marketing team was present at the event with the aim to film interviews with delegates from different countries to shed more light onto the growing memento of people (industry players) realising the benefits of digitalisation and the digital means of working.

As the atmosphere at the bSI event was electric and the air was thick with conversations, coBuilder’s team successfully filmed delegates representing Germany, France, The Netherlands, UK, USA, Switzerland, New Zeeland, the UK, Canada and Norway.

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Cobuilder at the buildingSMART International BIM event

Richard Petrie, CEO of buildingSMART International at the “chair of glory” being interviewed by our marketing team.