Awards and Recognition

The Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BOA) and BASSCOM Awards 2019

Innovation in Technology Award – Cobuilder platform 2019

In 2019 Cobuilder won The Innovation in Technology Award for demonstrating creativity through the development and implementation of innovative technological solutions. In 2018 Cobuilder set out to refacture all its solutions into an integrated platform using the latest bleeding-edge cloud technologies. The project was unmatched in scale and impact and today Cobuilder’ s integrated platform stands with the exemplary use of a wide range of technologies – microservices, service bus, single sign-on, relational, graph and document databases and SPA applications.

IT Product of the Year – Cobuilder goBIM 2017

In 2017 Cobuilder won the “IT Product of the Year” award of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BOA) and BASSCOM. The award was bestowed for the company’s first software product – goBIM, which was completely designed and developed in Bulgaria.

Offsite Awards 2017

Product Innovation Award – Cobuilder goBIM

The 2017 Offsite Construction Awards rewarded outstanding examples of prefabrication and factory-based methods, products, systems and disciplines that increasingly strive to develop a sustainable, streamlined and cost-effective way to deliver a better built environment. Cobuilder goBIM was recognized by the Offsite community because of its innovative approach in implementing data templates to help manufacturers in digitising their product information and creating BIM-compliant product data.

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The RICS BIM4SME Awards 2016

Best Newcomer – Cobuilder

The RICS BIM4SME Awards 2016, held on 29th September, recognized and promoted the SME role and achievements in the UK’s adoption of BIM. In 2016 Cobuilder was operational in the UK for just over a year but had already established a firm client base. The RICS BIM4SME Awards recognized Cobuilder as the new BIM influencer on the UK market based on the (1) success of the educational web content produced for the UK audience and (2) the company’s experts’ great contributions in various work groups including the UKBIMAlliance that were leading the discussions of current digitalisation issues in the UK industry.

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RISE Awards 2016

BIM adoption –  Cobuilder goBIM

Тhe Leeds Beckett University awarded Cobuilder with its first RISE ‘Andrew Platten’ award for BIM adoption. The inaugural trophy was given to Cobuilder for the recently launched goBIM product, which offers a real solution to BIM compatibility issues and achieving true collaboration through data. The university introduced this very special award commemorating Dr. Andrew Platten’s contribution to both BIM academia and field work.

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Constructing Excellence Awards Wales 2016

Innovation Winner – Cobuilder goBIM

Cobuilder was recognised as the first business in the UK that allows construction product manufacturers to structure their product information in multiple BIM formats and languages so that they can control that data and share it with their customers through openBIM.

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