More than any other organisation, industry associations benefit from the unification and standardisation of data management processes common to all their members. By establishing a common context for all their members, associations can successfully promote the common interests of their stakeholders and ensure their representation at the national and international levels. The ultimate purpose of any industrial association is to create value for its members, so coBuilder’s offer to associations in specially targeted at extracting the maximum value from the construction product data they use.

Standardisation and Data Structuring
Product Data Management


What is a Product Data Template?
  • The association can create their own custom Product Data Templates taking advantage of the XP P07-150 standard’s methodology for creating and managing properties sourced and referenced from the appropriate standard documents (reference documents);

  • Assign experts in the particular field to agree upon properties and property sets so that all actors can take advantage of the same template (a collection of property sets);

  • Define different PDT use or view permission levels for the association’s partners that allows the information to be exported to external systems and databases.

  • Create a standard-based product catalogue for all association members, creating a level playing field for all.

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  • A single system to host all your members’ product data, documents and 3D objects, according to the association’s guidelines;

  • Ensuring data is structured in a way consistent with your internal policies and any relevant external standards and regulations through Product Data Templates.

  • Providing a norm-based translation mechanism that ensures the accurate translations of all members’ product data are mapped between languages and between norms;

  • Allowing members to extract product data in any format and to make it available in any software and on any international market.

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  • Workshops with multiple association representatives and members are set up to discuss the use of data within the business in a broader sense and identify all relevant points, where data is sourced;

  • Using coBuilder’s Data Matrix Methodology to optimise the implementation process with associations and member representatives before the actual work begins.

  • Helping members in interpreting policies and regulations within their common business context;

  • Weekly webinars on using Product Data Templates to standardise data across the association.

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