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Can structured interoperable data bring costs down in construction?

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in construction is only possible through structured, standardised and interoperable data.

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The digital shift in construction can become a costly and ineffective process when no standards for data exchange, structure, and governance are put in place.

Cobuilder offers an IT platform that employs all existing and coming international standards to help actors take advantage of fit-for-purpose and accurate data in order to improve the quality of their services, time to market, and reduce cost and environmental footprint.

Cobuilder Platform

Data Management

Choose a digital strategy that actually reduces inconsistencies within your PIM, ERP and other data management systems. Cobuilder can help you structure your data across your entire business. Gaining ownership and control of your product data will improve efficiency, data quality and reduce cost and time to market.

Cobuilder goBIM

A Common Language
Based on Data

Secure your leading position as a promoter of digital processes and create value for your members/industry by implementing future-proof data structures called data templates. Ensure a high standard of data structure governance by engaging trusted experts with the latest knowledge in the field.

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Standardisation of

Standardisation of
Construction Data

Data Templates are at the core of Cobuilder’s IT platform and provide a common, industry-agreed way to support all actors in their digital transformation. Data Templates are the key to building robust data strategies, data-centric collaboration and achieving market growth for the entire AECO industry.

Cobuilder Define

Data Management

Use a data-centric approach to automate time-consuming processes and achieve a new level of collaboration across the supply chain.  Structure your building elements and products across your business and close the gaps between design, procurement, construction, manufacturing, and operations.

Cobuilder Collaborate

Specification based
on Data Templates

We help you specify performance data requirements (roles, stages, LOI) within machine-readable data templates. With Cobuilder Specify you can easily distribute checked specifications to all relevant actors in their systems in order to achieve maximum collaboration and automation.

Cobuilder Specify


“When it comes to product data management, I feel that Cobuilder has made a habit out of raising the bar for the industry. We have happily trusted them with our data needs for 14 years already.”

Randi Lekanger SkanksaRandi Lekanger, SKANSKA


ЕN ISO 23386 – What does it mean for my business?

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