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Specify product properties and validate ‘as built’ data

The need for accurate BIM data for designers/specifiers?

  • When specifying objects designers set the properties/values that are relevant for the intended use of the products, such as height, length, strength, fire rating, u values etc. However, it’s challenging for designers to monitor whether the contractors have delivered to their requirements.
  • It is a usual case that the product that was actually specified/installed may well be substituted for a cheaper alternative. How can they then be sure that the substituted products also meet EU and National legislation?
  • There is a demand for an easy search based on specific properties and their related values, such as ‘a door with a fire rating of 4 hours’, that can enable designers to find products that meet their criteria, which can then be uploaded to BIM models and traced throughout the building’s life cycle.

How can we help?

  • goBIM allows designers to select any product property they require, such as, fire rating, U value, sound insulation, water tightness or any other preference. You can then search for the products that meet your requirements (goBIM has 2.5M+ products in its databases) and then attribute them to the model;
  • goBIM also allows designers to validate that what has been built meets the specification. This is possible due to the fact that the designer will be able to set the product properties in the model and then query the ‘as built’ model to validate if the installed products meet their original specifications;
  • Merchants that use ProductXchange can automatically send all the product information that designers require directly to the ProductXchange database, which can in turn populate the FM systems, COBie, BIM;


  • Design your buildings/infrastructure based on product performance without the need to select specific products;
  • When you select products you can simply and efficiently find products and product data via our database of 2.5M+ products
  • Cut down your product research time and cost;
  • No need to rely on BIM objects for specification;
  • Check if the product criteria you have set with your model at the time of specification are met within the as built BIM;

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