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Stripped from all unnecessary complications, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a digitalisation process and ‘information’ lies at the heart of it. Construction product information in the form of digital data is essential for streamlining the construction process, which, in effect, is the main purpose of BIM. Here are coBuilder’s construction product data services aimed to help contractors with BIM:

Project Information Management
Project Information Delivery
Organisation Information Management
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Project Information Management

  • Making sure the product data and documents you collect comply with your project requirements;

  • Enabling you to manage and export verified and validated product data to as-built models and digital O&M systems from a single digital platform;

  • Making it easy to send your product data requirements to subcontractors and check their progress;

  • Easily manage deviations through sending non-compliance feedback to you suppliers.

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  • Tag validated and verified as-built data to proprietary modelling software;

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Project Information Delivery

  • Providing subcontractors with an easy to use system that allows them to input product data based on the clients requirements already set and managed by the upper tier contractor;

  • A unique data collection system allowing subcontractors to know what data deliverables are expected of them and guiding them through the process of data delivery;

  • Providing accurate data and documentation directly to the employer’s project in ProductXchange using a modern Product Data Template-based interface.

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Organisation Information Management

  • Set your Organisational Data Requirements from a list of standards or classifications using Requirement Data Templates;

  • Specify product information requirements based on documents such as your BIP, EIR, AIR and creating automatic filters to make sure your product information requirements are met at the data collection stage;

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