the people of coBuilder

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The people of coBuilder

Managing change is not an easy process. It is not easy at the personal level, at organizational level and perhaps it is the hardest at the societal level, we all know that. Now imagine driving the change for an entire industry. It surely stands somewhere near the end of the spectrum. In order to tackle the challenges of change at all these levels, the field of modern management defines people, processes and technology as the three key elements needed for the success of any transformation.

From the people to the people

Here in the coBuilder blog, we have spent a great deal of effort in telling you about our processes and technology – specially designed to support the digital transformation of the construction industry. This is what we do, after all. However, we have not told you much about our people yet.
Ask anyone and they will tell you that people are the biggest impediment to change. Resistance to changes in the status quo seems to be in our DNA. However, people are also the biggest drivers of change. It takes the passion and devotion of people to draw the processes, develop and implement the technology and to advise their fellows to change the way they did things before. So, who are the people of coBuilder?

The people of coBuilder

Currently, coBuilder employs over 120 people from countries such as Norway, France, Bulgaria and the UK. The average age of our experts is 29 years old. We are architects, engineers, philologists, economists, BIM managers, sales and marketing experts, software architects, developers, all sorts of IT and business gurus. Everyone from this incredible mix brings his or her own unique culture and expertise into the complex picture that is coBuilder. ‘What do you mean unique?’ you would ask and of course I have to elaborate.

Experts… and more

Here’s a little teaser: One of the architects in coBuilder is devoted to Bulgarian folk dances in her spare time. Our MSc of BIM Management is also a passionate American Football fan. An R&D Team Lead who has mad Excel skills is also a board-gaming tournaments champion. Our CEO has been practicing his leadership skills as a handball coach for over 20 years. The first COBie-certified expert on the Balkans is crazy about dinosaurs and can tell you everything you need to know about them. The Q&A Team Lead is a yoga guru. We employ the youngest AI university teacher – he is only 25 years old! I can go on like this for ages. So, why is this important?

Being a rapidly expanding company in a rather conservative industry, it is our belief that this diversity is representative of the a new generation of construction and data experts that are ready to break the old ways of working and to provoke all industry players to find better ways of solving all kinds of issues. Finding ways to get inspired and to expand not only your professional expertise, but also the way you solve challenging tasks is crucial for solving the puzzles offered by today’s business environment.

The coBuilder community

The coBuilder community is the second great aspect next to diversity that makes the people of coBuilder so special. This year Meik Wiking – the author of the bestseller The Little Book of Hygge has moved on to open our eyes to another Danish way of achieving happiness, the practice of Lykke (LOO-ka). In his book, he tries to draw the dimensions of happiness. The first and maybe most important dimension he looks at is ‘togetherness’.
Similarly, as a Nordic company, coBuilder has long since understood the value of togetherness. No matter if they are attending the annual grand teambuilding with extravagantly themed parties or the normal weekly gatherings, the people of coBuilder have learned to take ‘togetherness’ really seriously. We are ‘co’ and ‘builder’ because we build collaborations; we are cooperative and value each person’s contribution to our ‘co-created’ solutions. I know this is all very corporate and it might be true for any company, but what is the most precious evidence that our people truly believe in the value of togetherness is the following:

Going the extra mile

Independently, coBuilder employees have organised various charity groups – for planting trees, buying Christmas presents for orphans, running marathons with a cause. They have built a culture of social responsibility beyond the corporate incentive. coBuilder employees gather each week to teach each other languages. The yoga gurus meet up twice a week to test physical strength and relax their minds. Game of Thrones fans watch the series together over lunch break. The people of coBuilder organise ‘in your shoes’ initiatives to help them better understand the responsibilities of others and feel like they are all floating in the same boat. Our mentorship programs make sure everyone can level up with the help of their senior colleagues. This is to name just a few of the initiatives at coBuilder.

We always find innovative ways to engage our colleagues. Who is a mentor to be? The junior, of course.

This is exactly what we call ‘The coBuilder passion’ – going the extra mile. Our clients surely know that this culture of passion is also reflected in our business model. We are always going a step further, because we believe that we can change the industry together.

Finally, the natural order…

I will finish up with a quote from the CEO of coBuilder Lars Chr. Fredenlund, who posted an internal (at the time) video on LinkedIN and said:

‘An organisation is not built by its CEO, but by its people. Changing the construction industry takes a lot of stamina and many steps backwards in order to go forward. This is why I cherish so much what this team at coBuilder initiated for their colleagues – they created a video supporting the move to a new building. This for me shows the passion for growth and change and new horizons that I have always wanted to nurture in the company, but in order to do that, I had to let it occur naturally.’

Here is the video that you can also enjoy  🙂

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