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Recieve the information/data you need, when you need it

What are the latest developments in the industry?

  • Governments such as those in the United Kingdom have realised that they need to have detailed and accurate data about the buildings/infrastructure they are procuring as well as the stock that they already own. As this helps them build more affordably and manage their assets efficiently.
  • For this reason COBie* was specified in the UK so that all public sector buildings will have data about the products that have been installed in a standardized way so that it will be easier/more affordable to maintain the assets.
  • The UK Government has mandated BIM so they not only have accurate data about the buildings they own, they also procure buildings/infrastructure that are built more affordably and to a higher quality.
  • Owners in the public and private sector are now realizing the immense benefits of using BIM and are starting to actively require the implementation of BIM in their projects.
  • Collaboration and coordination within the supply chain are among their first priorities as the lack of accuracy, the amount of repeated errors, the double entry of data and the non-compliance between “as designed” and “as built data” were among the main impediments in the pre-BIM era.

* COBie data is an output of Building Information Models (BIM).


How can we help?

  • Through ProductXchange’s automated data delivery system you will always know, what you build and what you own, as all your product information is at your fingertips;
  • Receive the data you need when you need it, in order to make informed decisions;
  • Track the contractor’s procurement of products by monitoring each product’s history from inception to completion;
  • Receive the data in which ever format you require IFC, Revit, COBie etc.;


  • Better monitor and understand the proposed designs and specifications;
  • Minimize coordination issues;
  • Ensure “as-designed” matches “as-built” product information/data is collected automatically during the course of the building;
  • Have the data attributed via a Product Data Sheets to a model;
  • Make sure your contractors provide accurate and updated as-built information;
  • Receive all the installed product data within your chosen database or BIM model ready for the Facility Managers;
  • Increase transparency in the cost of what you have purchased i.e. true costs as opposed to design costs;


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