Skanska and coBuilder

Skanska and coBuilder are paving the road to construction product data exploitation

coBuilder is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with one of the world’s leading project development and construction groups – Skanska. coBuilder and Skanska will jointly pursue to create immediate and long-term value to the whole supply chain through the collection and exploitation of BIM-ified product data for all of Skanska’s major construction projects.

coBuilder is Skanska’s preferred solution architect when it comes to construction product data. coBuilder will support Skanska, and its supply chain, in understanding what product data is required, in which formats and at what stage it is needed.

Seeing significant potential in coBuilder’s new tool goBIM, Skanska is encouraging the manufacturers they work with to take advantage of goBIM’s functionalities, which enable manufacturers to structure their key product information into BIM compatible formats/languages as defined in PAS 1192/2 and /3. Being provided with product data that is BIM-ified with goBIM, Skanska and its subcontractors will be able to access the product characteristics and values they require easily and efficiently within projects of any size.

As a contractor, Skanska will take advantage of coBuilder’s ProductXchange platform, which is designed to solve the contractors’ specific product data needs. By using ProductXchange Skanska and their supply chain will subsequently be able to collect the as built data they require (via goBIM), validate it and check that it is correct, then output it an a COBie format, and attribute the data to models. The end point is to make it possible for Skanska’s clients to receive accurate as built Information models according to the principles of BIM.

“At Skanska, receiving the right information from the right people at the right time is paramount. How we manage information is a key part of this, and we want to work with manufacturers in our supply chain who can share the right data with us during the bid and operational delivery stages of our projects. Having manufacturer product information in BIM formats will make future operations and maintenance more efficient,“ said Gary Scott, BIM and Digital Engineering Specialist at Skanska UK.

“We need to work with our supply chain to produce this data in a standardised format that ensures we have the right information to deliver a quality project to our clients, and at coBuilder they can do exactly that,” continued Gary Scott. “We are working with coBuilder to help communicate to manufacturers and suppliers what information and format is needed, and to ensure manufacturers have an aligned solution to share their data with us and our clients.”

coBuilder is currently working with many high profile product manufacturers in order to ‘BIM-ify’ their product data so that major contractors like Skanska can easily access the most accurate data they need at any time. You can find more information on how BIM can be useful for manufacturers here.

Nick Tune, CEO of coBuilder UK, said: “We ensure that all the data that clients, contractors and FMs require from the manufacturers is easily and readily available. The manufacturers have it already in PDFs and unstructured databases, but by utilising goBIM they can now structure their data and make it available in all required BIM formats.

goBIM is a simple and cost effective way to digitise product information using product data sheets. By capturing the data and making it available to contractors and specifiers for inclusion in project documentation, coBuilder is shaping the future of digital construction, making it easy for manufactures to share data and for contractors to collect it, utilise it, and pass on accurate information and data to their customers.

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