Interview with Pete Foster Jnr.

Pete Foster Jnr. is joining coBuilder

We are very pleased to announce that Peter K. Foster Jnr. will be joining coBuilder as Director of Manufactures & Merchants UK on 4th of April. Pete Foster Jnr. will be responsible for delivering data expertise and BIM related knowledge as well as custom data solutions to the British manufacturing and construction trade sectors in order to ensure optimal outcomes for the whole supply chain.

Pete comes to coBuilder with more than 15 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, having served a great job at Autodesk as an Implementation Consultant, where he developed and assisted with the implementation of the Plant 3D solution, while also utilising his manufacturing knowledge on implementing best practice and BIM solutions to suit each specific client’s needs. Next to his expertise in manufacturing and production, Pete has a proven track record of implementing operational and technical improvements and solutions through the BIM philosophy that he also supports through his academic pursuits. He is soon to receive his Master’s Degree in BIM Management from the Middlesex University in London.

In order to welcome Pete Foster Jnr. on board and also introduce him to our clients and friends, we asked him some questions that we now welcome you to read.

Firstly, everyone is interested into your career path and how coBuilder fits with your future aspirations. Could you please comment on how and why you decided to join our team?

I have worked in the manufacturing industry for most of my working life, starting in the caravan industry and then moving into modular offsite construction. As my career progressed I moved away from the design office type roles and into business and process solutions, focusing on increasing efficiencies and mentoring users. This involved the development of CAD and Bill of Materials systems, where data management and flow of information was a key focus point.

During the implementation of BIM within the offsite construction business I worked for, it was clear that the use of structured data and working with the supply chain and SME’s to understand and use their data was critical.

coBuilders solutions and focus was on my radar as a business that not only delivered the data requirements, but performed this in a manner that meant SME’s and manufacturers could deliver BIM without having to learn the finer details, and when the opportunity rose to join the business I jumped at the chance.

Apart from holding a strong position in the BIM for Manufacturing community, you are also into academia – could you tell us about the significance of both BIM4M2 and your MSc to the BIM/Manufacturing community?

BIM4M2 is a working group consisting of people and organisations concerned with BIM for manufacturers (the organisations) and manufacturing (the process). The reason for joining the group and significance of its work was its goals in reaching out to the manufacturing community to assist with their BIM uptake, at the same time I became an active member of BIM4SME. Both of these working groups provide fantastic assistance and guidance to their group members.

My MSc in BIM Management has been of the highest quality. It provides access to tutors and guest speakers from all over the world and it also has a very enthusiastic and driven cohort from many different businesses, all working at increasing and sharing their knowledge. This in turn has provided significant improvements in my interaction with those working in BIM and the manufacturing sector, taking the knowledge gained and sharing it onwards, while also continuing to learn from others.

You are quite a BIM influencer (around the top 50) – tell us what do you want to inspire in people interested in BIM?

I was fairly new to Twitter in business (I was mainly using the tool for American Football interaction) but when I started to become active in BIM circles, attending events as a learner and later as a speaker, the contacts on Twitter were of great assistance in my learning and growth.

Since then I have attempted to pay back the knowledge to those interested in BIM, both new and old, and I find Twitter with the use of aggregated lists using hashtags is a great tool for this, in particular the #UKBIMCrew have been fantastic to interact with.

I like to share articles, tweets and LinkedIn posts on a regular basis, to share and contribute to knowledge and inspire and drive those who are interested in BIM, in particular those who are in the manufacturing sector and those who are data driven and are looking to digitize the construction industry.

Of course I still use it to interact with American Football too – when my team is playing my timeline quickly moves from BIM related tweets to Green Bay Packers related tweets #GoPackGo

Find Pete Foster Jnr. on Twitter @kantrellk

Now, something to get to know you as a person: what is the best form of entertainment for you? What are your hobbies? What is your favourite cocktail?

I’m married to my lovely wife Nicola who runs the Labour Ward at the local hospital in Yorkshire where I live; I also have three children aged from 12 to 19 who keep me pretty busy most of the time.

As mentioned I’m very passionate about American Football, staying up to watch the late games and participating in fantasy leagues, I also attend at least one of the UK games in London every year. I also support Man Utd and their ups (and downs recently).

One of my hobbies is learning the Japanese language (very slowly), focusing on reading and writing Kanji and learning the vocabulary at this moment in time.

I’m also the type of person who likes to have music playing while working, though my music tastes are of the ‘heavier’ nature, ranging from Megadeth, Amon Amarth and Rammstein to Alice in Chains.

Finally, in whatever spare time I have left I like to go to the gym and relax afterwards reading science fiction or fantasy novels.

As for my favorite cocktails it has to be a #BIMMojito!

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