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The easy way to collect and distribute as built product data

What challenges are contractors facing today?

  • Contractors need to keep up to date with all the information/data about the products that are being purchased and installed in their projects.
  • In order to comply with various legal and market-specific regulations, contractors have to be aware whether the products that are being installed in a building meet the design specifications.
  • In order to achieve transparency and accountability, more and more contractors are required to make the product information/data available throughout the supply chain and to the client.
  • Being part of the digital revolution of the construction industry, contractors now are to share information in different BIM formats, such as Revit, IFC, COBie.
  • It is often that they are the ones to prepare O&M manuals for the facility manager, which can be costly and time consuming. Most of all, you as a contractor, need to ensure that the data you are providing is accurate.
With ProductXchange as designed BIM data matches as built data throughout the entire building life cycle

How can we help?

  • We help you and your supply chain collect the accurate as built data that you, your client and the facility managers require;
  • Our software solution helps you collecting data from the very moment you or your subcontractors purchase products. Simply invite your subcontractors and suppliers onto ProductXchange and you will receive product data as soon as a purchase is completed;
  • With ProductXchange you assume total control over the products that are being purchased and installed within your construction project. Using the system you will receive a log of the construction products that are being installed, in the data structures that you require. The data can be tagged to BIM models so you will have a correct and updated as built BIM;
  • Managing product selection is now a simple process, by taking advantage of ProductXchange’s built-in filter system, you can select the required product properties within the products that you or your subcontractors are installing, such as chemicals you wish to avoid or fire rating or U value. You can even raise your building’s market value by applying filters for environmental standards such as BREEAM;
  • ProductXchange is designed as an all-around solution to your regulatory challenges posed by both the United Kingdom and the EU. Users up and down the supply chain will be notified of any required documentation missing, so you can focus less on paperwork and more on the actual building process;
  • Being a BIM enabled platform, ProductXChange will allow you to deliver your data in any major format. By using the buildingSMART Data Dictionary, your project can easily communicate with Building Information Modelling software up and down the supply chain. It allows you to export your data into IFC, Revit or COBie (as required in the United Kingdom from April 2016.);
  • ProductXchange helps to save you money as the O&M documents and data is available at the touch of a button;


  • Fully automated data collection and delivery to the whole supply chain;
  • Distribute your as built data to BIM, COBie and FM tools;
  • At the touch of a button create O&M and Health and Safety manuals on the basis of as built data;
  • Track project cost more efficiently by overseeing costs of purchased and installed products from your supply chain;
  • Receive live data about what your subcontractors are installing including accurate cost information;
  • Make sure your contractors provide accurate and updated as built data;
  • Set product criteria, so as to avoid hazardous materials, or make sure certain parameters are met (e.g. u-value) by the products that the subcontractors are installing;
With ProductXchange as designed BIM data matches as built data throughout the entire building life cycle

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With ProductXchange as designed BIM data matches as built data throughout the entire building life cycle